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Transgender Therapists and mental health resources for MTF and FTM transgender, transexuals and crossdressers all whom specialize in or have significant experiance in treating the transgender community.

If you are a therapist whom specializes in the care and treatment of transgender clients and would like to be added to this directory please feel free to email me with your information and I will post it. email

A note about insurance coverage:

While having insurance that covers mental health/behavioral health services is often financially beneficial to individuals and families, there are a few very important things you should know about using insurance to cover therapy. First of all, insurance companies often want justification for therapy services, and therefore require that your therapist give you a diagnosis that meets their standards of "medical necessity". This diagnosis often becomes a part of your permanent medical records. Such a diagnosis can at times interfere with future insurance coverage.

Secondly, privacy can be compromised by using your insurance. In order to bill your insurance company, your therapist will need to provide them with your diagnosis as well as dates of therapy sessions. Many insurance companies also require progress updates and treatment plans to be provided. Additionally, while your therapist can control the privacy of their own records, they cannot guarantee how private the records of your insurance company will be.

For these reasons, paying "out of pocket" has benefits. Many therapists offer fees based on a sliding scale so money does not have to be as big of an obstacle to being able to pay out of pocket.

Ababama - Hawaii
Idaho - Minnesota
Mississippi - Ohio
Oregon - Wyoming


  • Abrams, Keith Ph.D.
    Licensed Psychologist
    Grayson and Associates P.C.
    2200 Lakeshore Dr. Suite 150
    Birmingham, AL 35209
    Phone: (205) 871-6926
  • McKeever,Daniel Ph.D.
    Hill Crest Associates
    6869 5th Avenue South
    Birmingham, AL. 35212
    Phone: (205) 838-2031
  • Melvin, Joel Psychologist
    Mental Health Management, LLC
    2018 Brookwood Medical Center Drive Suite 310/311
    Birmingham, AL 35209
    Phone: (205) 329-7815
    Fax: (205) 329-7816
  • Riser, Susan E., Ph.D.
    A Better Way Counseling and psychotherapy
    5510 Wares Ferry Road Suite U 3
    Montgomery , AL. 36117
    Phone: (334) 387-2317


  • Annan, Barbara M.A.
    250 Cushman Street, Suite 4F
    P.O. Box 73063
    Fairbanks, AK. 99707
    Phone: (907) 457-3111
    Confidential counseling and support for transsexual, transgender and crossdressing issues. Sliding fee scale.
  • Snow, Wynelle Riley MD, Psychiatrist
    3100 Tongass Ave.
    Ketchikan, AK. 99901-5746
    Phone: (907) 228-7660
    Fax: (907) 228-8336
    General psychiatry and individual psychotherapy. Board certified and knowledgeable about gender issues.


  • Brasch, Mary A. MA/MA LPC
    3040 East Cactus Rd
    Phoenix, AZ. 85032
    Phone: (602) 494-1515
    Board certified therapist in Arizona, specializing in transgender issues.
  • Dickson, Shelia Friedeman Ph.D.
    3930 East Camelback Road, Suite 205
    Phoenix, AZ. 85018
    Phone: (602) 956-3006
    Clinical psychologist experienced in individual, couples and family TS/TG/TV and gender identity counseling, referrals. Uses Harry Benjamin Standards of Care.
  • Gottlieb, Dianne M.S. LMFT
    Scottsdale Therapy PLLC
    10245 E. Via Linda, Suite 103
    Scottsdale, AZ 85258
    Phone: (480) 314-0055
    Fax: (480) 314-0056
  • Grant, Ginnie LISW
    Scottsdale, Tempe & Phoenix AZ
    Offices Valley Wide
    Phone: (480) 897-0444 & (602)434-3652
    Gender Specialist, Individual family & employment
  • Grubb, Christine Petrus Ph.D.
    Licensed Psychologist
    3040 E. Cactus, Suite 6
    Phoenix, AZ. 85032
    Phone: (602) 494-0302
  • Lewis, Jennifer LCSW
    Desert Mountain Psychiatric Associates, P.C.
    10165 N. 92nd St., Suite 101
    Scottsdale, AZ 85258
    Phone: (480) 551-8004
    Fax: (480) 551-5209
  • Nettles, Sandra LCSW, MSSW
    Deer Valley Counseling
    2301 W Dunlap Ave. Suite 206
    Phoenix, AZ 85021

    2735 S Highway 69, Suite 6
    Humboldt, AZ 86329
    Phone: (602) 750-8051
    Counselor working in Phoenix, Arizona. One of her specialties is providing supportive counseling to transgendered individuals while honoring and respecting your identity.

  • O'Donoghue, C. Judy Ph.D.
    3910 S. Rural Rd. Suite A-1
    Tempe, AZ. 85282
    Phone: (480) 894-2425
  • Stericker, Anne Bradford Ph.D.
    1200 N. El Dorado Place, Suite F-640
    Tucson, AZ. 85715-4637
    Phone: (520) 298-9746
    Clinical Psychologist, Gender friendly Counseling, Individual, Marital & Sex Therapy. AASECT-Certified Sex Therapist
  • Watkinson, Heather LCSW
    Personalized Counseling
    P.O. Box 40754
    Tucson, AZ 85717-0754
    Phone: (520) 322-0122
  • Watson, Dalena M. LPC, FAMI, MT-BC
    Casa de Cristo/Genesis Counseling Center
    P.O. Box 7007
    1029 E. Turney
    Phoenix, AZ. 85011
    Phone: (602) 686-3723
  • Welter, Louise A., Psy.D.
    Licensed Psychologist
    414 S Mill Ave, Suite 210
    Tempe, AZ 85281
    Phone: (480) 415-2152


  • Cochran, Mary V., Ph.D.
    Cochran Counseling
    101 W. 4th S St.
    Fayetteville, AR 72701
    Phone: (479) 575-9302
  • Hyman, Ralph Ed.D.
    The Psychotherapy Center
    210 S. Pulaski
    Little Rock, AR 72201
    Phone: (501) 374-3605
  • Morgan-Cohen, Margaret LCSW
    210 Pulaski St.
    Little Rock, AR. 72201
    Phone: (501) 255-0561
    Gender therapist working with Dr. Ralph Hyman.


  • Abbott, Leal LCSW
    About Change Counseling Service
    601 University Avenue, #145
    Sacramento, CA. 95825
  • Anderson, Barbara
    1537 Franklin St, Ste. 104
    San Francisco, CA 94109
    Phone: (415) 776-0139
  • Auge, Rebecca Ph.D.
    3637 Grand Avenue, Suite C
    Oakland, CA. 94610
    Phone: (510) 835-9820
    Clinical Psychologist working with patients on gender issues, gender dysphoria, crossdressing, gender role transition, couples issues, child abuse and dysfunctional family histories. Member of HBIGDA and uses Standards of Care. Works on a sliding scale fee.
  • Baum, Koen Keri, LMFT
    3896 24th St.
    San Francisco, CA. 94114
    Phone: (415) 646-0565
    Koen is a transman himself, and a gender specialist.
  • Boyd, Sue LCSW
    2667 Camino Del Rio South
    Suite 301-13
    San Diego, CA 92108
    Phone: (619) 318-9818
    I work with transgender and gender queer adults, adolescents and their families on issues of gender identity and transitioning. I also work with parents of gender variant children.
  • Braveman, Stephen L. M.A., L.M.F.T., D.S.T.
    494 Alvarado Street, Suite A
    Monterey, CA 93940
    Phone: (831) 375-7553

  • Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. AASECT Certified Diplomate of Sex Therapy. Gender Specialist, HBIGDA Member, Individual & group phychotherapy, workshops, monthly transexual support group and advocacy. All services are GLBTQQI and kink friendly and qualify under SOC.

  • Docter, Richard F. Ph.D.
    California State University at Northridge
    17162 Sunburst Street
    Northridge, CA. 91325
    Phone: (818) 349-9709
  • Downes, Myles, MFT, MFC48178
    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
    3646 24th St.
    San Francisco, CA 94110
    Phone: 415-689-6979
  • Ehrensaft, Diane Ph.D.
    445 Bellevue Avenue Suite 302
    Oakland, California 94610
    San Francisco, CA 94110
    Phone: (510) 547-4147 Fax: (510) 547-7692 Email: Diane Ehrensaft, Ph.D. is a developmental and clinical psychologist in the San Francisco Bay area, with a specialty in gender studies and psychotherapy/ consultation with gender nonconforming children and youth and their families. She is the author of "Raising Girlyboys: A Parent's Perspective" (Studies in Gender and Sexuality, 2007).
  • Fraser, Lin Ed.D.
    2538 California Street
    San Francisco, CA 94115
    Phone: (415) 922-9240
  • Friend, Jenny M.S.
    The Center For Clarity
    1850 E. 17th St. Ste. 107
    Santa Ana, CA 92705
    Phone: (714) 543-3900
    Fax: (714)543-3969
  • Graham, Julie LMFT 935 Middlefield Rd.
    Palo Alto, CA 94301
    Phone: (415) 860-3917
    I work with transgender and genderqueer adolescents and adults, and provide couples and family counseling as well. I work with parents of gender fluid and transgender children.
  • Henkin, William A. Ph.D.
    1801 Bush Street, Suite 111
    San Francisco, CA. 94109
    Phone: (415) 923-1150
    Psychotherapist and board certified sex therapist specializing in work with adults living alternative sex and gender lifestyles. Gender identity concerns and transitions, SM/DS/BD, infantilism, sexual orientation included. Individuals, significant others, couples.
  • Henrie, Cynthia A. MFT
    774 Terrace 49
    Los Angeles, CA 90042
    Second Office:
    1460 7th Street, Suite 206
    Santa Monica, CA 90401
    Phone: (323) 829-3548
  • Hill, Helen E. MA
    2211 Corinth Avenue, Suite 203
    Los Angeles, CA 90064
    Phone: (310) 779-7795
  • Keller, Marie M.A., M.F.C.C.
    Los Angeles Gender Center
    1923-1/2 Westwood Boulevard, Suite 2
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
    Phone: (310) 475-8880
  • Lahana, Lisette LCSW
    609 Kearney Street
    El Cerrito, CA 94530
    Phone: (800) 928-9085
    Speaks Spanish
  • Los Angeles Gender Center
    1923 1/2 Westwood Blvd., Suite 2
    Los Angeles, CA 90025
    Phone: (310) 475-8880
    We are gender specialist mental health professionals providing sensitive quality care for gender and sexuality issues.
  • Lucia, Kim August MA, LMFT
    Fremont, CA
    Phone: (510) 792-5588
  • Martin, June Ph.D., M.F.C.C.
    215 North San Mateo Drive, Suite #2
    San Mateo, CA 94401
    Phone: (650) 348-4835
  • Milrod, Christine LMFT
    Southern California Transgender Counseling
    519 N. La Cienega Blvd, Suite 209
    West Hollywood, CA 90048
    Phone: (310) 281-9658
  • Richard, Jacqueline Psy.D., RN, LMFT, CST
    Licensed Marriage Family Therapist
    AASECT Certified Sex Therapist
    1815 State Street, Suite E
    Santa Barbara, CA 93101
    Phone: (805) 563-5000
    Fax: (805) 563-5007
    Compassionate, Competent, Confidential Psychotherapy specializing in sex therapy and gender concerns.
  • Ring, Arlen Ph.D.
    Los Angeles Gender Center
    20501 Ventura Blvd. Suite 395
    Woodland Hills, CA 91364
    Phone: (818) 999-0581
  • Riskin-Banker Psychotherapy Center
    1913 E. 17th Street, Suite 107
    Santa Ana, CA. 92701
    Phone: (714) 953-9882
    Board Certified Sex Therapists with extensive experiance counseling Transgender individuals. Interns are available on a sliding fee schedule.
  • Tando Darlene
    110 1/2 W. Pennsylvania Avenue
    San Diego, CA 92103
    Phone: (619) 948-8926
    Works with transgender adults and children.
  • Toby, Steve M.A., LMFT
    Phone: 510-236-1063
    Counseling for the trans community from a transman
  • Transgender Counseling and Research Center
    4545 Park Boulevard, Suite 207
    San Diego, California 92116
    Phone: (619) 542-0088 ext 1
  • Tunis, Lawrence M. Ed.D. IMF#46885
    Center for Creative Transformation
    130 Greenfield Ave, Suite A
    San Anselmo, CA 94960
    Phone: (415) 847-3677
  • Ulrey, Gorden L. Ph.D.
    433 F Street
    Davis, CA 95616
    Phone: (530) 756-0276
  • Viesti, Carl R. Jr., Ph.D.
    3720 Sunset Lane, Suite D
    Antioch, CA 94509
    Phone: (510) 778-1444
  • Vitale, Anne Ph.D.
    610 D Street
    San Rafael, CA 94901
    Phone: (415) 456-4452
  • Wojdowski, Patricia L.C.S.W.
    4926 La Cuenta Dr., Ste. 200
    San Diego, CA 92124
    Phone: (858) 292-0492
  • Yoo, Alexander M.A.
    6310 San Vicente Blvd., Suite 410
    Los Angeles, CA 90035
    Phone: (310) 773-3484
    Supervised by Jan Reynolds, M.A., MFT, MFC21785
    Experienced, compassionate therapist specializing in genderqueer, transgender, transsexual, crossdressing, and LGBTIQ individuals and communities, addiction/recovery, grief and loss, coming out, and other "alternative" sexualities and genders, including polyfamilies and leather folk. Individuals, couples, relationships, families, and groups.


  • Alexander, Barney Ph.D
    8790 W. Colfax Ave.#250
    Lakewood, Colorado 80215-4092
    Phone: (303) 234-0827
  • Akse, Kirsten Psy.D., P.C.
    Clinical Psychologist
    2411 N. Talon St.
    Colorado Springs, CO 80907
    Phone: (719) 471-2120
  • Jennifer Anne Blair, M.A.
    LPCC-Registered Psychotherapist
    2443 S. University Blvd-D #136
    Denver, CO. 80210
    Phone: (720) 570-3682
    Website: Jennifer Blair Counseling

    I have been a member of WPATH since 2005. I offer weekend hours and a sliding scale fee structure.

  • Henderson, Tania M.A., NCC, L.P.C.
    Side by Side Counseling LLC
    4251 Kipling, Suite 150
    Wheat Ridge, CO 80033
    Phone: 303-915-5597
  • Rutledge, Jane Ph.D. 236 N. Washington
    P.O. Box 1902
    Monument, CO 80132
    Phone: (719) 481-1660
    Fax: (719) 481-2026
  • Scarpella, Karen Whitfield LSW
    2755 S. Locust Street #208
    Denver, CO. 80222
    Phone: (303) 912-6195
  • St.Claire Rachel PsyD
    Licensed Psychologist
    1210 E Colfax Ave. Suite 402
    Denver, CO 80218
    Phone: (720)-220-5770
  • Thomson, Deb-Ann Ph.D., NCAC
    2755 S. Locust Street, Suite 207
    Denver, CO 80222
    Phone: (303) 758-6634
    Gender Specialist; Individual, Couples, Family and Employment Counseling.
  • Thor Laura LCSW
    1979 West Littleton Boulevard
    Littleton, CO
    Phone: (720) 283-3933


  • Hoburg, Robin Ph.D.
    Jay Meadows Office Park
    933 Hartford Turnpike
    Vernon, CT
    Phone: (860) 870-1144
    Fax: (860) 870-1155
  • Kreiger, Irwin LCSW
    New Haven, CT
    Phone: (203) 776-1966
  • Mackenzie, Carole LCSW
    Hartford, CT 06105
    Phone: (860) 231-7373
  • Romano, Patricia A., B.A., M.A., Psy.D.(c)
    60 Sandy Lane
    Meriden, CT 06450
    Phone: (203) 599-1311 (203) 634-7751 (voice mail)
    Phone: (203) 641-7471 (urgent/crisis calls)
    Gender Specialist working with individuals, groups, couples and family/support networks. Face-face appointments, phone sessions and web sessions available for individuals throughout the United States and Internationally.
  • Snow, W. Riley M.D.
    1001 Farmington Ave., Suite 302
    Bristol CT 06010
    Phone: (860) 582-1178
  • Sterner, Kathleen Ph.D.
    Gender Identity Clinic of New England
    82 Vine Street
    New Britain, CT 06052
    Phone:(860) 225-4682


District of Columbia


  • Arvon, Coral Schlosberg Dr.
    Arvon & Associates in Counseling
    2999 NE 191st St.
    Aventura, FL 22180
    Phone: (305) 936-8000
    Dr. Arvon has been specializing in transgender individules and their families for over 20 years. Dr. Arvon is a board certified Sex Therapist and a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.
  • Carlson, Brenda
    22 W. Lake Beauty Drive, Suite 202
    Orlando, FL 32806
    Phone: (561) 372-0736
  • Clark, Carol L., Ph.D., LMHC, CAP
    Miami Shores, FL
    Phone: (305) 891-1827
    American Board of Sexology certified sex therapist with more than 10 years experiance with TS/TG individuals and their families. Telephone counseling available to anywhere in the U.S.
  • Farrell, Kathleen L. Ph.D.
    5545 62nd Avenue North
    Pinellas Park, FL 33781
    Phone: (727) 551-9851
    Works exclusively with the the Transgender community.
  • Granzig, William Ph.D.
    3200 NE 36th St.
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308
    Phone: (954) 390-0878
  • Holden, Gerald J. Ph.D.
    Licensed Psychologist
    2531 Landmark Drive, Suite 203
    Clearwater, FL 33761
    Phone: (727) 725-8881
  • Huntley, Deborah Ph. D., C.A.P.
    Licensed Psychologist
    1608 Oak Street
    Sarasota, FL 34236
    Phone: (941) 366-2442
  • Levy, Lawrence J. Psy.D., P.A.
    398 Camino Gardens Boulevard, Suite 207
    Boca Raton, Florida 33432
    Phone: (561) 210-5125
    Fax: (954) 495-8750
  • McBlaine Jennifer MA, RMHCI
    950 S. Tamiami Trail Suite 202
    Sarasota, FL 34236
    Phone: (941) 961-3400
  • Tanner, Libby A., Ph.D., L.C.S.W., L.M.F.T.
    1800 Purdy Ave. #1012
    Miami Beach, FL 33139
    Phone: (305) 538-4849 or (305) 534-0686
    AASECT/HBIGDA certified sex therapist, 20 years experiance with T's and their families. General psychotherapy and sexologist.


  • Erhardt, Virginia Ph.D.
    315 W. Ponce de Leon Ave., Suite 1051
    Decatur, GA 30030
    Phone: (404) 235-1178
    Licensed clinical psycologist facilitating exploration or transition with individuals and couples since 1995. Professional consultation ond supervision available. Available by phone, email or in person.

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Ababama - Hawaii
Idaho - Minnesota
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