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Transgender Definitions

Androgyny: Having both male and female charactoristics, or neither.

Androgynous: refers to a person who does not clearly fit into the typical gender roles of society.

Binary Gender System: A culturally defined code of acceptable behaviors which teach that there are men and women, who are masculine and feminine, and that there is nothing outside this system.

Binding: The process of flattening one's breast tissue in order to create a male-appearing chest.

Butch: Adjective used to describe ones gender performance. A masculine person (of either gender) can be described as butch.

Crossdresser (CD): someone who dresses occasionally in the clothing of the opposite gender.

Drag Queen / King: Someone who cross-dresses for the effect or for entertainment. Often very glamorous or outrageous in appearance.

Female Impersonator: A man who impersonates a woman for entertainment.

Femme: Adjective used to describe ones gender performance. A feminine person (of either gender) can be described as femme.

Fetish Dresser: Someone who cross-dresses for sexual purposes, often related to a specific item of clothing. Fetish dressers usually do not identify as the opposite gender.

FTM: Female-to-male, refers to someone born female who identifies as male.

Gender Assignment: A controversial practice, in which and intersexed infant is assigned a gender at the time of birth. Such assignment is usually accompanied by surgical or hormonal modifications to help the child pass and develop in the assigned gender role.

Gender Bender / Gender Blender: A person who merges characteristics of both genders in subtle ways or intentionally flaunts merged/blurred cultural/stereotypical gender nonns for the purpose of shocking others, without concern for passing.

Gender identity: A person's internal self-awareness of being either male or female, masculine or feminine, or something in-between.

Gender Queer: Individuals who present themselves in either gender.

Getting Read: Having someone identify that an individual is transgendered. Getting read can be dangerous in some circumstances. Also known as getting "clocked".

GRS: Gender Reassignment Surgery. The "Sex-Change Operation", sometimes known as SRS (Sexual Reassignment Surgery).

Hermaphrodite: not commonly used, refers to a person with visible gender cues (usually genitalia) of both genders. True hermaphrodites are rare, and are included in the intersexed category.

Intersexed: refers to a large class of genetic or hormonal conditions that result in an individual being physically between genders.

MTF: Male-toFemale, refers to someone born male who identifies as female.

Non-OP: Short for Non-Operative, refers to someone who for medical reasons or personal choice does not plan to undergo GRS.

Packing: The process of creating a male-looking and/or male-feeling bulge in one's crotch.

Passing: Being taken as ones preferred gender without question or incident by others.

Pre-Op: Short for Pre-Operative, refers to someone who has not yet had GRS, but intends to undergo such surgery.

Presentation: The totality of one's appearance, including voice, behavior and appropriateness of clothing for the situation, etc.

Post-Op: Short for Post-Operative, refers to someone who has undergone GRS.

Pro: Short for Prostitute (or Professional). In TG circles, a person who makes his or her living as a sex worker.

RLT or RLE: Real Life Test. Real Life Experiance, Most TG Persons must live and work full time in their desired gender role for a period (typically one year) prior to being approved for GRS.

SO: Short for significant Other. Transgendered persons often have a primary relationship with a person of either gender (spouse). SO's can be greatly affected by their partner's transgenderism.

SRS: Sexual Reassignment Surgery. The "Sex-Change Operation", sometimes known as GRS (Gender Reassignment Surgery).

Standards of Care (SOC): Often referred to the WPATH SOC (formerly known as the Harry Benjamin Standards of Care, or HBSOC), a set of standards and guidelines used by professionals for the medical and mental health treatment of transsexuals.

STP device: Short for "Stand to Pee" device. A device designed to aid the user in standing to pee at a urinal or toilet.

Stealth: Refers to a transgendered person who has transitioned and is living in their preferred gender role without other people knowing that they are transgendered.

Transexual (TS): someone who strongly feels that they are the opposite gender from their birth gender, and who seek to correct their gender, usually through hormonal and surgical intervention.

Transgender (TG): An umbrella term used to encompass all persons who are cross-gendered.

Transgenderist: People who choose to cross-live full time, but who choose not to have Sex Reassignment Surgery/Gender Reassignment Surgery. They may or may not have some surgeries, and they may or may not use hormones.

Transition: The act of switching genders. In most cases, Transition precedes GRS. Many transgender people live part-time in their preferred gender role prior to transitioning to full time.

Transvestite (TV): Someone who dresses and assumes the role of the opposite gender. Often used synonymously with crossdresser.

Tuck: The technique of hiding male genitals.